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Partner with Gregg at Leverage WP to get the best dedicated WordPress hosting available!

The power of our Community allows us to pool our resources and share the cost of GridPane Developer level hosting, bringing the cost of each site to only $2/month.

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Leverage WP Hosting is best-in-class hosting and community support all in one

WordPress hosting is a complex landscape of false claims and empty promises. Often, the problem is finding and getting just the hosting you need without lock-in, mystery requirements to upgrade, and inconsistent support. I’ve created this to solve that problem, with a combined hosting and community here at Leverage WP.

To get this hosting system on your own, just like I use for supporting client websites, you would have to pay $2640 a year or $220 a month.

(Get it below for only $1000/yr or $100/month)

If you’re just starting out or only have a  few sites, the cost can be prohibitive.

Leverage WP Hosting uses the power of the group, with “all of us together,” to offer extremely powerful and easy to use hosting for half the cost.

Leverage WP Hosting is a best-in-class system managed and supported by Gregg Davis and the Leverage WP Community. It’s highly performance-tuned, scalable, and transparent with no hidden costs or requirements to upgrade.
I’ll show you how to start right now with a positive ROI (return on investment) by getting that first client and creating the recurring income that will pay for your hosting. Plus, it comes with access to the Leverage WP Community! (value $150/yr)


Hosting & Community together in one

Easy to use, low cost, best-in-class hosting with the support of the community

  • The full power of GridPane Hosting

The Developer level features and software stack gives you best-in-class hosting for a fraction of the cost.

  • Full access, control and ease of use

Staging, cloning, migration, backups, failover, security, domain & SSL, one-click install, monitoring and more.

  • 4 GB server included can host 20-40 sites

A 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80 GB storage server can power a large dynamic website, and/or many client sites.

  • One client site could pay for it all

Host a single client website and all hosting costs could be paid for, making your hosting and website care all profit.

Who am I and how is this possible?

You may know me from my successful Udemy course, The Complete WordPress Website Business Course, versions 1.0 and 2.0, where I teach students how to start and manage their own website business. The course has almost 80,000 students in 192 countries around the world.
I’ve been running my own website design and hosting business since 1996, and I’ve migrated client sites from many less-than-perfect hosts until I found the very best. Then I partnered with them.
I recently started the Leverage WP Community where I share the current and latest developments in WordPress, including new tools for building sites and managing a website business, and I saw the need for high-powered WordPress hosting with real, honest help and support.
And so, with the help of the best host for running a WordPress website business, GridPane, Leverage WP Hosting was born.

Gregg Davis

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Save $200 by paying for the year

$1200 $1000


Less than half what it would cost on your own


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What if I only need one site for my business or project?
The Leverage WP Community includes a performance-hosted site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include everything? What else do I need?

GridPane hosting uses the best practice of not including domain registration or hosted email. You’ll need to register your domains elsewhere, and point them to your server. I recommend Cloudflare. Email hosting should also be provided outside your website host, and I recommend Rackspace, but you can use any email hosting service, like Google Workspace (Gmail) or Zoho.

Can I migrate existing sites into this hosting easily?

Yes! I’ll help, and it’s super-easy to migrate from any host if you have existing sites. I can’t wait for you to see the improved loading speed and powerful interface for managing your sites.

What if I want to migrate away from Leverage WP Hosting in the future?

You’re not locked-in at all. It’s easy to migrate to any other host, and you have full and complete access to everything.

Can I choose any server provider or location? How about a different size?

Yes! Leverage WP Hosting doesn’t mark up server cost. We start you off by default with a 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80 GB storage server from UpCloud (value $20/month), but you can choose any provider and any location you like, at any size, and I will prorate any extra cost in your plan. (With 40 sites on the server, each site costs you only $2/month)

What if I’m already a Community Member?

Email to let me know and I’ll issue you a credit coupon towards hosting for the amount you’ve paid to be a member. And, your Community membership will start over with a full year included with your hosting.

Is this real?

I’ve partnered with GridPane to leverage their hosting and attach it to my Leverage WP Community to provide something that hasn’t existed before. Because of the power of a group, I can offer this to you at a much lower cost. Believe it!

Need a assessment to see if this will work for your situation?
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Don’t go it alone!
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